It’s Your Thing

250px-Thing_v2_1_coverartWe all have it. That “thing” that people know us by. Think about that circle of friends you know so well. You usually describe them by that “thing” that’s all theirs. Like my friend Justin, whose thing is collecting and blogging about odd, ugly and neglected toys. Or Matt, whose thing is building amazingly detailed models. And check out Andy, who loves finding pocket squares in the wild. There are other friends you have who are WAY into style. Or cars. Or movies. Or comics. Or CrossFit. You get the idea.

Everybody has a “thing.”

Which, when we’re putting together ambassador programs, makes life a lot easier. Gathering these kindred spirits together around that thing they are known for has a certain magic about it. It’s like a structured love-fest.

But when you get a group of people together whose “thing” is the same, how do you then make them feel special? Because if everyone is special, then nobody is special. The truth is, when you get like-minded people together, you begin to see that even though there’s one common thing that bonds them, they each have their own “thing” within the “thing.” A different perspective or specialty. Different skill levels. Backgrounds. Etc. And when they’re in the midst of people who speak their same language and have that same passion, these “things” emerge and are celebrated on a higher level.

It’s up to us to make sure we create opportunities for these celebrations. It’s advocacy on another plane. Because when you give people the opportunity to love what they love even more, you’re a natural part of that conversation. It’s word of mouth in action.

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