Get Real With Spike Episode 6: Brands Aren’t People

Two subjects covered in less than two minutes:

1. Do you REALLY want a relationship with a brand?


2. Do you REALLY want to “humanize” your brand?

I’m thinking “no.”

Get Real with Spike 6 from Social Fresh on Vimeo.


  • I have a friend who adores the John Varvatos brand. He reads about the brand. He talks about the brand. He buys the brand. He wears the brand. While he doesn’t tweet about the John Varvatos brand, he has a relationship with the brand whether he want to admit it or not.

    Spike … I get your point about the irrational exuberance going on about brands fostering “relationships” with customers.

    However, my first-hand marketing experience with two brands (Starbucks & Whole Foods) tell me customers do want and do develop relationships with brands. It’s a worthwhile thing for a brand to pursue.

  • October 13, 2011

    Spike Jones

    John, I totally get where you’re coming from. I guess it comes down to the definition of “relationship.” Or rather, the depth of the relationship. Or even the definition of friendship with the brand. With social media, it seems that on the customer end, people want a relationship on their own terms, which feels like being a crappy friend to me.

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