Who loves you in spite of your faults?

We’ve been doing an internal project around the halls of FH Digital in Texas. Basically we’ve been sticking a camera in peoples faces and asking them questions. It all has to do with something that we’ll roll out in the near future.

But I digress…

One of the questions we asked was, “Think about your beset friend in the world. What personality traits to do you like most about them?” As you might imagine, we got some typical answers like “good sense of humor” and “good listener.” But our fearless leader, Janice Murphy, surprised me with her response. She said. “Someone who knows about all my crap and loves me anyway.”

And not only do I love that phrase, but it’s a great lesson for brands who happen be looking for their evangelists somewhere out there. Because those are the true fans. Those that know you are a company of humans and that humans are fallible. In other words, they’ve watched you mess up. They know you aren’t perfect. And they love you anyway. Not only are they loyal. They consider to you a friend.

I know that might be a stretch. Because sometimes it’s hard to think about a company as a friend. But I really believe that’s how companies are going to have to start acting.


  • SPIKE! You disappeared from Twitter and now you’re back! Thank GOODNESS! Been following you over at BoF for quite some time. See you’re at FH now. Hope all is going wonderfully for you. Always get so much inspiration from your posts. Can’t wait until the BoF book is released.

    Love this post. Although, my fave part is the photo…hehe. That cat is hilarious. Thanks for resurrecting on Twitter! :)

  • July 16, 2010

    Spike Jones

    You’re good to me, Krista. Glad you found your way around the internets and we re-connected.

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