Spike’s got a brand new bag… with Fleishman-Hillard

That’s right kids, I loaded up the truck and moved to Austin, TX. And it’s good to be back in the homeland.

After several conversations with a lot of great companies over the past few months, the chance to work with the digital group led by none other than Matt Dickman was just too sweet a deal to pass up. Besides, I get to be in the Austin office. And as a Texas (Dallas) native, it’s not only good to be back in the country, er, state of my origin, but it’s Austin. AUSTIN. And the world is outside my downtown front door.

At FH, I’ll be playing with the digital group and specializing in word of mouth strategy and execution. Man, these guys and gals already have a great line-up of clients, including AT&T, USAA and GM, just to name a tiny few. And the digital group is already making waves with things like their efforts for Chevy at the recent SXSW.

So after that short two week hiatus from the blog, I’m cranking it back up. And now that I have my brand new header (it’s SO SWEET – yes, I said “sweet”), I’ve got no excuses.

I don’t have to tell you that this space is changing daily. And it’s great to be with a group of DOERS. Hey, it’s where I come from.

So much more to come. Stay tuned.


  • Spike, so sorry that I never got to meet you in Greenville. (I’m in Greenwood) Heard so many great things about you and your creative mind!

    Austin–love it!!! I’m thinking Continental Club..Eric Johnson live (and free) in Zilker Park…and Joe Ely, Butch Hancock & Jimmie Dale Gilmore… Maybe we’ll visit again soon and see you there.

    Good for you to be back and to be able to do your fine work there too. :)

  • May 17, 2010

    Chris Rackley

    You will be missed. Cheers, bro! (But at least you have Iron Cactus now…)

  • May 17, 2010

    Chris Wilson

    Welcome to the team! Same Tribe. Exciting times!

  • May 18, 2010

    Mike Billeter

    Congrats, Spike! As a former Texan, I wouldn’t mind being in Austin myself someday. Frankly, I’m shocked that your trip to Sioux Falls didn’t have you ready to pack up and move up to South Dakota to set up shop. Maybe next time.

    Hope the move treats you as well as it sounds like it should. Looking forward to the great things that will come out of Fleishman-Hillard with you igniting movements there. Be yourself.

  • May 18, 2010

    Chad Hartman

    Good luck in Texas. Keep up the great work, it is a good dose of reality when we get a piece of it.

  • May 18, 2010

    Jamie Moore

    Good for you, Spike! Glad to see your passion found a great new home. Always a fan no matter what your zip code.

  • May 18, 2010


    Three words: Artz Rib House (on South Lamar). Get there stat. But I bet as a good native Texan you already knew about that joint. :-)

    And of course, congrats on the new gig!

  • May 18, 2010

    Spike Jones

    Thanks, Jamie. I’m making the rounds for sure and I’ll make it to Artz sooner rather than later.

  • May 18, 2010


    Blah, blah, blah, new job, blah, blah, blah. Um, AUSTIN? Can I reserve your couch right now? Like for Oct. 8? ;) And for March? And again for October? And the following March?

    But seriously, congrats on the move to such a great town! And the job, or whatever. You’re livin’ the dream.

  • May 18, 2010

    Cale Johnson

    Congrats! A few of the GasPedal crew (myself included) are moving to Austin this summer. See you at Guero’s!

  • May 19, 2010


    So excited for you Spike! Best of luck in all your endevors. I know you will be great.

  • May 19, 2010

    Sonny Gill

    Awesome news, my man! They’re definitely lucky to have you on board, and lucky to be able to work with Matt. Congrats!

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  • May 21, 2010

    Andy Sernovitz

    All the cool kids are moving to Austin. See you there, homey. Congrats!

  • May 22, 2010


    I’m really looking forward to shaking things up with you, Spike!

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