Can your customers come out and play?

From drgandy via filckr

That’s the question you should be asking. Not can your customers come out and work for you. Not can your customers come out and buy your stuff. But play.

Sometimes people just need not only to play, but a reason to play. And not have to give anything in return. There is a power in playing. People play because they want to, not because they are forced into it. Play brings people together. It allows people to let down their guard and come out of their shells. Play lets people get to know each other (and your brand, too).

Back when I had my Jeep (’97 TJ), I was invited to Camp Jeep, which was a course set up by Jeep out near DFW airport. I got to come and use their Jeeps to drive the course. I met instructors. I hung out with other Jeep owners. And there was no price of entry. There was no expectations for me to buy a new car. There was just play. And here I am telling you about it 10 years later.

Find ways to truly play with your customers. For no reason other than getting to know them and giving them opportunities to get to know one another. It doesn’t even have to cost you much if you really put your mind to it. And I guarantee that sales and awareness will be just a few of the byproducts you reap.

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