Google Fiber and the power of community

In about two hours from writing this post, a few thousand people will emerge on Greenville’s downtown to show Google and the world what the power of community can do. In just a few short weeks, local folks have created a campaign called “We Are Feeling Lucky” (a play on the “I’m Feeling Lucky button on Google’s homepage) to turn the mighty head of Google to the Southeast and be one of the test cities for it’s high-speed fiber internet.

I’ve been in awe of how this whole thing has come together. It’s taken blood, sweat and a “never say die” attitude. And one of the most interesting things is that as fierce as the online promotion has been – using social media to get the words out, to rally the community, to alert the media through a website and YouTube and Twitter – all of it has been used to culminate the efforts in an offline event tonight. So, online drives offline.

Yes, online communication and action leads to offline communication and action. And offline drives online. We can’t forget that they are intertwined. And they always will be.

See you downtown.

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