The Social Media “Ah-Ha” Moment

I’m currently working with a client who, on more than one occasion, has said, “If I can get the prospect to demo the product, I can close the deal.” In other words, seeing is believing.

We are quickly approaching the point where just about every marketer out there has at least heard about social media and the accompanying array of tools that come with it. But they’ve only HEARD about it.

There’s a scene in the movie Field of Dreams where Ray (Kevin Costner) and his brother-in-law Mark (Timothy Busfield) are arguing. Mark doesn’t see the baseball players and Ray does. And because of a remarkable experience, Mark suddenly gets it. He suddenly sees the value that Ray has been talking about “When did these ballplayers get here?”

And sometimes that’s what it takes. Hands-on experience. God knows the last thing the world needs is ANOTHER social media person TALKING about social media. When you jump in and experience it for yourself, you begin to see the value. But not the value that someone else thinks you might find in it – it’s the value that’s relevant to your unique situation. Social media isn’t a one-size fits all catch-all. It isn’t a “plug and play” solution, either. Is that “ah-ha” moment still possible then? Absolutely. But it takes rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, because nobody ever had an “ah-ha” moment staring up at the ivory tower hoping to gain some wisdom. Believe it.


  • March 16, 2010

    Trey Pennington


    So true. Best way to “do” social media is to, well, just do it. One doesn’t really need a social media guru to show you the way.

    Bet you could make a whole series from…
    “Nobody ever had an ah-ha moment…”

  • March 16, 2010

    John Kochmanski

    Couldn’t agree more. Often times people/brands try to emulate what has worked for others and fail. Just get in there and do what is right for you or your brand and good things will happen.

    Like that series idea.

  • March 17, 2010

    Joe O'Keefe

    Spike, great post as always. I think there are two Ah-Ha moments necessary. There is the customer’s moment that you reference with your client, but then we as owners of our brands have to have our own Ah-Ha moments when we get in the shoes of the client. I like the Field of Dreams reference because there are two Ah-Ha moments. The first is the brother-in-law, the more powerful one is when the Shoeless Joe ghost says, “No, Ray, it was you”. As we sculpt our brands and navigate things like social media and the like, I think the biggest Ah-Ha moments are ripe for the taking if we are willing to listen. Lord knows many happy customers will “ease my pain”.



  • March 17, 2010

    Joe O'Keefe

    One more thing. In the bigger picture, sustainability is rooted in relationships. Most of which happen “off line”. From there the building of the social media relationship is possible. As much as I like “Field of Dreams” because it appears to be a baseball movie, its impact lies in the fact that it is a movie about relationships disguised as a baseball movie.

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