Last night was Greenville’s second (okay third) Pecha Kucha night. And boy, was it a great one. We learned about everything from what it’s like to be an artist in a community like Greenville to housing solutions for Haiti to how to follow your passion – even if it leads you to collect weird and neglected toys.

pic taken by gvilleforward via flickr presents at Pecha Kucha night

The line-up was fantastic, with a lot of sticky quotes and words, a lot of which came from TimTV, who presented on the principals of the inner-workings of Burning Man. But one word stuck out to me the most: immediacy.

That word got me thinking about a lot of things, the main one being that immediacy is now the centerpiece of marketing. Of course, the social media craze is driving the immediacy bus, but on the other side of the coin, we have the public. The customers. The people who WANT things NOW. Answers. Communication. And, of course, the fixing of their problems. But I can’t help but wonder that with all this immediacy going on, are we missing something? Do you have to sacrifice meaning for speed? Does service suffer  at the mercy of the scramble to quell the dissenting voice of the public?

It’s definitely something to think about while you’re formulating your next online and word of mouth plan. There’s a balance there. And you can find it if you’re asking the right questions and actively listening for the right answers.


  • March 12, 2010

    David Crosby

    Immediacy is great, but sometimes it’s better to think before you speak.

  • March 12, 2010

    Spike Jones

    Agreed. And thanks for stopping by, neighbor.

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