Superheroes walk among us.

via massdistraction on flickr

I don’t want to geek out on you too much, but I’ve been thinking about heroes a lot lately. Not necessarily the ones we read about in comic books, but the real heroes out there in the world. We all know that they come in all shapes and sizes, and that heroism takes many forms.

But what got stuck in my head this morning is the fact that when our heroes aren’t out there saving the day, they are walking among us. Shoulder-to-shoulder. In the trenches. Living a “normal” life like the rest of us. If you do wanna go there, Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) was a newspaper photographer. Clark Kent (you know, Superman) was a reporter. Bartholomew ‘Barry’ Henry Allen (the Flash) – a chemist. You get the idea.

Heroes want to fit in. They don’t like to be recognized. Because when they do come in and save the day, well, they are just doing their jobs.

The same can be said about your customers. You know the ones. They are in the trenches trying to make things happen. Keeping their heads down until they hear the call for help. When you need them most, they spring into action and become your shield. Your protector. The purveyor of truth. And then, when their job is done, they  blend back into the masses until the next time they are needed.

The real heroes are selfless. They know when and where and how to save the day for the people – and the brands  – they love. So look closely at your fans. You can pick out the heroes. And when you do, give them that nod – that acknowledgment – that you know their secret identity. And if you’re lucky enough to be let into the fold, then you’ve formed a bond that will be very hard for any other brand to come along and break.


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