Are you lifting up your customers?

A post I wrote while working at Brains on Fire:

Are you lifting up your customers?

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  • October 25, 2015


    Hi Katie,Interesting question about ethcis. If the people are paid by a company to talk’ about it, isn’t that just them doing their job? I suppose that if people who listen’ are misled into believing that the speaker isn’t an employee’ then that might be unethical. On the other hand, buyer beware right? Then, I think it becomes more a question of credibility. If the audience finds out that the WOM is, in fact, from a paid source, then the entire campaign could backfire (think WALMART and the parking lot RV couple) however, it could also create significantly MORE media coverage and WOM than initially planned (think bride wig-out on youtube and its incredible success for Sunsilk). Interesting times these days for professional communicators! Looking forward to following your story here!

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